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Jim Penman (Jim’s Group Founder)

Jim’s Group is a very active participant within Jim’s TradeNet. The National Office, and an array of Franchisees, are openly using other members within the exchange to make their purchases and offer their services. The Jim’s Group and associated businesses will always consider members within the exchange as potential suppliers; given their trading history and reviews show them as a good trader – Are you our next 5 Star Trader?

An exert from our 1st Birthday celebration in June 2016.

Adam Taylor (CARDSITE)

CARDSITE – I create personal, customised, compact, low cost websites for smartphones – a digital business card that works on very device. Cardsite enhances your old paper business cards or replace them.

Chinmay Ananda (Finance Academy Australia) 

Understanding finance is essential for all small business owners however, for many people the world of finance is mysterious and intimidating.  Our program removes the fear of finance and will give you the edge on the competition.

Mary Jensen (M Power Services)

M Power Services offers a suite of products focused on Human Behaviour that can Grow Business, Increase Sales and Build Stronger Management and Teams. Meta Dynamics profiling tool, the latest innovation profiling thinking, based on the Critical Alignment Model using Environment, Strategies, Implementation and People (ESIP).

Robin Snelling (BCP growth)

Virtual Chief Financial Officer Services. The businesses we help usually have turnover of between $1m – $5m and have at least 5 or more staff. If your business meets these criteria we are happy to have a discussion and determine if we can be of assistance to you. Our assistance is usually provided for between one and six days per month. Larger businesses, those with turnover of over $5m and under $15m, will generally use us for one day per week.

Stewart Clark (SCS Performance)

Our focus is simple – improve the performance of businesses to meet the vision of their owners.

Using a range of techniques and services, we not only develop an action plan with the business owner, but we then work with them to implement it – driving improved profit, growth and ultimately business value as we go.

“Every business has more to offer when you go looking. We have never found a business that does not have more potential, it just takes the will to look and the right support to hold the spotlight”.

Darren (Double-D Tyres)

Current Jim’s TradeNet top trader Darren from www.doubledtyres.com.au shares his experience with Jim’s TradeNet

“I made the decision to join Jim’s TradeNet in 2016 to sell tyres 100% payable with Jim’s TradeDollars to a new client base that I wasn’t getting from the cash economy.  The great thing about Jim’s TradeNet for me and my business is that I am able to spend my Jim’s TradeDollars on things that would have normally cost me cash to purchase.  So I actually have more cash at the end of each month.  At the same time, the team at Jim’s TradeNet have been brilliant at promoting my business, helping me spend my Jim’s TradeDollars, and sourcing suppliers that I need that I would have normally spent my hard earned cash on.  TradeNet has been bringing me new customers and sales since.  Would highly recommend businesses try Jim’s TradeNet ”

Find out how trading can improve your business’s cash flow and profitability https://www.jimstradenet.com/faq/